Lanko acknowledge our company’s responsibility to provide our clients with a product that is safe, of good quality and that meets the relevant legal requirements.

Therefore, we are committed to the implementation of systems ensuring the safety, legality and quality of our products, in accordance with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. For this reason we undertake to develop, implement and maintain a documented and comprehensive Quality Management System.

It is our policy to conform to our cients’ requirements as far as possible; therefore we strive to remain aware of their expectations and sensitivities through regular communication.

We communicate the importance of satisfying our clients’ expectations and the assurance of product safety, legality and quality to all workers in our company. We ensure that they fully understand the company’s Quality Policy and that they are sufficiently trained to maintain the integrity of the Quality Management System.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our management systems and operations. For this reason our Quality Management System and Quality Policy are reviewed and updated regularly, as required.


Lanko is committed to a policy of safety management, i.e. prevention, reduction and elimination of all undesired events that lead to or may result in an injury or loss.

Specific Objectives

  • Prompt incident notification, investigation and reporting
  • Reduction of injuries and the elimination of incidents that cause loss of life, injury or property damage
  • To ensure a healthy and productive working environment
  • Rigorous security and safety measures
  • Developing of training programmes for all staff to ensure a disciplined and productive workplace

Commitment, participation and enthusiasm towards the set objectives is a prerequisite of management.